No Grief (2015)

by Survival

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No Grief, the sophomore full-length collaboration between Survival and London based Merdumgiriz records is raw hardcore grief. Through the swollen tumors of thick drums, Nick’s desperate vocals slither the damp basements of depressive Californian guitars and pulsating velvety bass. Again churning a sick musical dish with elements of hard rock, punk, thrash metal and electronic music filtered through a world of sorrow; the album is a highly original gem of melodic west coast heaviness and depression. Complemented with the insanity of the best 90ies style American urbanite depressive lyrics and artwork, all made by the man who makes the music itself, this release and the genius behind it is more than a fine addition to the mental asylum brotherhood of Merdumgiriz Records.

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released November 3, 2015



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Survival Oakland, California

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Track Name: Stand Tall
Stand Up
Stand Tall
Take a stance for worth
Relieved emotions past
Looking over your shoulder
Realized - Relapsed
Stand Tall
Intent to fall
Stand Tall
We All Fall Down
Track Name: Love On Smack (Witchfinder General)
You say your life's been wasted
You say there's nothing left
You've been so disillusioned
Living on your theft
You call up ask to meet me
Under our favorite tree
I say this must be real bad
For you to call on me
I get there and I find you under our favorite tree
I can smell the blossom, and hear the buzzing bee
I sit down right beside you and I look into your eyes
I feel a deep emotion as you look onto the skies and she says
I've lived a life of evil. Some people say I'm mad
I've been through prostitution. Can't count the men I've had.
I've lived on what I've stolen. Hoped inside a lie.
I beg you stay and hear me now, and help me while I die.
I say What are you talking of? Oh what is this you say?
Dying's not for you my love.
You say It's what I pay.
You say I thought you'd understand first to make love to me.
I remember your gland rubbing deep in me.
Passionate feelings they arouse. Never ask me why.
Please make love to me once more, here before I die.
She's dying, dying
The best way out
She's dying, dying
Please don't shout
Don't tell the world what I tell you here.
Nor call a doctor while I die it's drawing near.
Kiss her once upon the cheek, her arms they embrace me
She whispers softly while carress
Darling can't you see?
We both make love so passionate, our feelings they must show.
Climaxes now they fulfill. Her eyes they close Oh no.
She's dying
The best way out
She's dying
Please don't shout
Don't tell the world what I tell you here.
Don't call a doctor while I die it's drawing near.
She's dying
She's dead
Track Name: Final Departure
Whether you stay or go
Cast this
Miscreant away
Track Name: Flashcard Suicide
Love is a lonely one.
Only as lonely as mine.
See my wounds grow old.
Lives passing by.
Stall them in the line.
Say it to god. Say it loud.
I don't have my own will.
Let them take me away.
Put me on a shirt or in a prison cell.
Track Name: Agony Overthrown
Obsession in Agony.
You can write my epitaph.
This song goes out to Cyrus.
Emotions left behind us.
I'll never forget you brother.
Efficacy Tears.
Suffered from the lies.
Then I broke out on my own.
No need to appease you anymore.
You've been overthrown.
Track Name: Symphonic Grace
It wasn't your fault.
But you went ahead anyway.
I wish you take my hand in the night.
But you will anyway.
Do anything for a man who would pay.
I don't know this image in the mirror.
Symphonic Grace.
Track Name: Your House (sick ppl)
Running away.
Here today.
But I might break off tomorrow.
You get the help you seek.
Who really shares the sorrow?
I run into your arms crying.
Can't talk about it to no one else.
I come running back to your house.
I come running back to your house.
If I could slip and act the dog I was in your house.
Coy remarks, room to relax.
Seeking comfort in fanciful fabric.
Who am I to run away anymore?
Dillusions of grandeur or something better.
Track Name: Smack
Need some pills.
Snapping radiance.
Get me closer to the speed.
Need some pills.
Smack my shit.
Closer to purity.

Medicali-care Katrina.
Kilo to Low Key
Burn in hell or slip in Haiti.
Senator side deal.
Swine Flu syringe for your daughter.
I'm mad at jacko for manslaughter.

We are the start and we are the end with nothing left in between.
We are the ones you left behind for your holywood dream.
All your ego all your evil, died in vanity.
You pollute my constitute. I am purity.
Track Name: Living in America
We go out.
Living in America
Track Name: Heartless Souls
In your Deep Black eyes.
Rich as your reservation.
You have to keep it inside.
My reputation will long last.
I rip your tongue out.
Your words meaningless.
Track Name: Surface of the Sky, Detached
Annoyed again to destruct
Self pressure the stupidity train
Metabolic - bankrupt.
Heart bleed in vain.
We quench the canqor of the sky.
Tales to alleviate.
We quench the canqor of the sky.

If you detach we detach.